Hansons Auctioneers' first Harry Potter auction - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Hansons Auctioneers' first Harry Potter auction

Hansons Auctioneers has released a press release announcing that they will have their worlds first Harry Potter auction, online only.

Included in the auction are two first edition books of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix signed by the cast including Daniel, Emma and Rupert. Daniel Radcliffe has inscribed each one, 'Magic Rules OK!' and 'Magic Rocks!' They estimate £1,500-£2,500 each.

The event takes place on 5th May at 2pm. You can take a look at the books here and here. You will need to login to place a bid.

source/photo: hansonsauctioneers.co.uk


  1. I noticed an error in your post the link for Lot 17 is the Link from Lot 16
    here's the correct one:

    1. oh yes I see I added the same link twice. Oops. Thanks for telling me!


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