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Pairie Dog magazine (Canada)

Prairie Dog magazine attended the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) press conference last September. Below their questions for Daniel and Samara Weaving regarding Guns Akimbo. The new issue is out now. Click here to view the cover.

You can also read the magazine's print version online.

Have you found yourself going down the rabbit hole of dealing with trolls?
Weaving: I make a conscious choice to not look at comments or read reviews. If I rely too heavily on them for my own satisfaction, it would cause more harm than good.
Radcliffe: It’s not a huge moral stance. I think I would be too emotional about it. Years ago, during my late teens, early twenties, I did spend a lot of time reading comments and it’s not a good thing to do for your mental health.

What kind of emotions did those comments trigger?
Radcliffe: It wasn’t anger, it made me sad. Not going to tell you what specifically — it’s all still there — but you only get upset by the things you believe at some level are true. Self-harmony is a very serious issue and I don’t want to make light of it, but I think there’s a masochistic tendency in reading stuff about yourself that becomes addictive. It’s a cycle you have to break.

How long did it take to get those guns bolted to your hands?
Radcliffe: The guns themselves were very quick, strapped on over the arms. The bolts were obviously make-up — they took about two hours the first day and an hour by the time we finished. I could put my pants by myself. Couldn’t button them though.

What do you find artistically satisfying about working in genre films?
Radcliffe: That’s the thing. I forget that I keep picking genre movies, and then everyone’s like “you did another one!” There’s something fun about making films that aren’t naturalistic. If you can justify it enough in the story, you can do the craziest stuff. There’s a weird magic realism, modern fairy tale tone to this, Horns and Swiss Army Man. A very dark fairy tale. But most fairy tales were very dark.


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