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URL change

This will be the second time in years: Today I proudly announce the following news regarding the website danieljradcliffe.tk will continue as danieljradcliffe.nl!

(Fact is that I was actually considering of registering danieljradcliffe.com just before it was taken by Daniel's team as Daniel's official website back in April)
More info:
The URL will change on Sunday 2nd June 2019, four weeks from today. So save the new address.

To Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's affiliates (I will also send out an e-mail): please change your links to danieljradcliffe.nl a.s.a.p.

Does this URL change mean that I will only write news in Dutch from now on?
No!, the main language will still be English. I did make that choice at the start of the website with the idea that fans worldwide can stay up to date with Daniel's career.

Why the change?
I simply felt like it was time for a change and the .nl extension feels like a better fit to me when you keep in mind that this a Dutch-based website.

The e-mail address might change at a later time but for now I still use the .tk address.

I still own the .tk domain and I will create a redirect sometime after the switch in June.

If you still have any questions, let me know!


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