Updated(3): Icon El País magazine photoshoot (Spain) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(3): Icon El País magazine photoshoot (Spain)

The March 2018 issue of Icon El País magazine is out today. The cover was already revealed earlier this week. You can see more photos from the photoshoot by Matthew Brookes below. A behind the scenes photo was shared on Daniel's official Google+ page back in 2017.

Update: 5th March 2018.  Another photo. And thanks to Marcie from simplydanielradcliffe.com for sending over scans. I didn't add two because those feature the photos I did already post here.
Update: 13th March 2018. The interview is online. A translation is below.
Update: 27th March 2018. Another photo via clm-agency.com.


More photos

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Was it hard to recover from the shooting? (Regarding Jungle)
When you lose so much weight, weird things happen.
They start telling you how good you are. And even if they are well-intentioned comments, you get confused and think that you should always be that thin. Mentally it is hard to readjust. But in the end it is very satisfying to use physical energy, to exhaust oneself in a shooting, something that I do not often experience as an actor.The challenges go.
There are specific challenges, such as imitating accents or learning to dance, but the biggest one is maintaining faith in what I do and how I direct my career.

How do you choose your projects?
The script has to like me and I have to think that I'm going to have a good time on the set.
Then I do it, because, truthfully, I can choose. Most of my actor friends have no choice but to accept a shit script if they pay well. It's nice not to be in your position.

And what attracted him to Jungle?
I found it very moving how difficult it is for someone to let themselves die.
Whether it's war, or tyrannical regimes, it's hard to make someone stop trying to live. It says a lot about the human spirit.

Is Potter's shadow long?
The only time that affects me is when I play a character with glasses.
I need 30 different models to choose from and make sure they are very square, not round like Harry's.

Do you miss spontaneity or adventure? I do not know, I've never experienced them, so I can not lose them. I dont complain. It's the same as when they ask me if I do not regret not having gone to the University. Maybe I can not go on an excursion to Asia tomorrow, as my friends do, but I also live many interesting things that they will never experience.

In addition, they must recognize it everywhere.
Yes, yes, always!
When someone says to me "come, nobody will know who you are", I think: "I have not visited that place yet". Let's say I'm pretty famous.

What do you love most about your work?
When a movie is going well, you feel part of a team and it is very exciting.
I always recommend that actors start not to see themselves as independent. You have much better time to collaborate.

So, does criticisms bother you?
I used to read the comments on the Internet, although I lied about it all the time. In each interview I insisted that I did not, but I did, I'm not sure why. I stopped two years ago and I'm happier. Although a movie has 99% good reviews, it is the only bad one that remains with you. Now I know that the only thing I can control is what I do on the set. It is liberating to know that there are enemies who hate you without reason and that whatever you do will never change your mind.

What is the "Michael Fassbender's test"?
It was a while ago! A friend director and I were debating whether to make an announcement related to the film we had just filmed. He would have given us publicity, but he said: "Do you see Fassbender doing that?" The answer was "no", and we did not. I admire the way Michael Fassbender has built his career.

Do you admire a young actor?

Christian Bale: We forgot that he was working with Spielberg at the age of nine. Elijah Wood, Tobey Maguire or Jodie Foster. I feel great respect and admiration for all those who start young and become a lot of shit, like Miley Cyrus.

How was your transition to maturity?
I was lucky.
There are cases like Lindsay Lohan or Macaulay Culkin in which you see that during a stage they had to understand what it means not to be a child or adult. It helped that I love the profession. There are other young actors who have suddenly become the member of their family with more money and others live on them. At 18 they do not know whether to continue acting because they like it or because they have six people who depend on them. My parents had their own work and, in addition, even in my worst adolescent moments I enjoyed working. That was my salvation.

Your mother never told you how much money you were making.
Until I turned 19, he did not tell me.
I knew they paid me well, basically because all the journalists asked me what I was doing with so much money. My mother made a good decision.

And there's the question: what is spent now?
I invest it, because I have been told not to leave it in the bank. I buy books. Sometimes, some old ones. I could spend a lot of money on rare books of the fourteenth century. I do not have a car, but I buy many plane tickets because my girlfriend lives in the United States [he's been dating actress Erin Darke for six years] and we never spent more than three weeks without seeing each other.

How habout the Harvey Weinstein scandal?
I am disgusted and I admire the women who have denounced. I see it as part of a bigger problem in the cinema. When some professionals reach a certain level, they think that they can do whatever they want without having to respond to anyone. I hope nobody will believe it again.

Do you know Weinstein?
I have never worked with him, but the friendly actresses said that he grins a lot.
Everyone knew that Harvey was a bully. My father, a former actor, said that his assistant lived in terror. But, unfortunately, the stories of professionals who treat others badly are common in the industry. The culture of sexual harassment is the same that allows actors to leave the boat and throw things to the assistant directors or mistreat their colleagues. I hope this helps destroy that stupid hierarchy. We must stop praising the actors, directors and producers who think they are superior to the rest.

How were you as a child?
Something squared.
He chided the children who grimaced at the camera, because they wasted team time. The only time I behaved badly was when I laughed at a child who came to casting for Malfoy and told his name to James Bond. A laugh escaped me as I auditioned! I still feel guilty.

What do you want to do from now on?
I'm filming a comedy, the television series Miracle Workers, I want the public to see me on that record. I have written scripts that I hope to carry out in the next two years. I work on an adaptation with a couple of friends. And I hope to dedicate myself to the address. I have worked with very good directors and I hope to do the same with other actors.

source: icon.elpais.com
picture source: Matthew Brookes

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