Updated(7): Victor Frankenstein press junket interviews (UK) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(7): Victor Frankenstein press junket interviews (UK)

The first videos from the Victor Frankenstein press junket in London have arrived online, (well besides the ask Frankenstein part) If more appear I'll add them here so check back. There's also Scoop with Raya.

Update: 28th November 2015. A video from CH51, China.
Update: 13th February 2016. A video via Canal 7/24.
Update: 29th March 2016. Another clip plus comingsoon.it.
Update: 8th April 2016. Two clips are added below, one with thanks to Spettacolo! Che Spettacolo! for the news via Twitter with a mention.
Update: 15th April 2016. Cine 54 via Yahoo! Celebrity and sensacine.com below.
Update: 24th March 2018. Ivid.it video.
Update: 23rd June 2018. CTI TV Show Time.

Entrevista con los actores Daniel Radcliffe y James McVoy
Entrevista con los actores #DanielRadcliffe y #JamesMcVoy, protagonistas de la película #VictorFrankensteinIr a la nota: http://bit.ly/1MDgplPDaniel Jacob Radcliffe Fans
Geplaatst door Canal 7/24 op woensdag 25 november 2015
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CTI TV Show Time



Daniel Radcliffe - James McAvoy : l'interview quiz !

Video 2: On getting bald for a role.

Spettacolo! Che Spettacolo! (Victor - La storia segreta del Dottor Frankenstein)

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Photo: YouTube

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