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Updated(4): Daniel Radcliffe attended Whistler Film Festival

Like I posted before, Daniel attended the Whistler Film Festival, yesterday 30th november, to have a conversation about his career with talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos. Below you find some pictures from Daniel arriving at Millenium Place in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. When I find more news regarding Whistler I will update this post (I think we all hope for a video to show up online)

Then also, Dan confirmed that filming for Horns is finished via his Google+ page (I shared the news via our Google+ page)

Update 3rd December 2012. You find some quotes from the Q&A here courtesy to the Vancouver Sun, a few more photos released by the festival on this site's Facebook. And below a video uploaded by the Whistler Film Festival with a short part from the Q&A (thanks Lisa for the news, Daniel is featured at 0:42).
Update: 4th December 2012. George
Stroumboulopoulos: A photo on Facebook and two short videos from the Q&A.
22nd January 2013. CTV eTalk interview.
Update: 12th July 2017. Photo shared by Janet Hutzul on Facebook.

source: cbc.ca
picture source:
Heinz Ruckemann/UPI/Newscom & Philip Chin

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