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Robot Chicken, season 6: Daniel Radcliffe's guest voice episode

I posted before that Daniel would be a guest voice on Robot Chicken in this new 6th season. Yesterday was the air date of episode 9 called Hemlock, Gin and Juice on Adult Swim (at midnight) in which Daniel was the guest voice actor.

Director Zeb Wells talked about people asking about the episode with Daniel on
Here are two different questions that have been asked on our website: ‘Can you guys tell me what will be the role of Daniel Radcliffe in the series?’ and ‘When shall a Thomas The Tank Engine parody appear on your show?!’. I’d like to answer both questions with a picture.(above)”
So I guess you all know what the answer is now: Daniel provided the voice for Mullet kid and Thomas the Tank Engine. There is a clip below.

Warning: contains some strong language

Photo: YouTube/Adult Swim


  1. It's not full part of Daniel Radcliffe voice. Radcliffe voising not only express, he voicing the biy who screamed: "Hey,Kool-aid". HERE FULL:

  2. I checked it and yes I had not realized that. I changed the video, thanks


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