Updated: First trailer for A Young Doctor's Notebook - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: First trailer for A Young Doctor's Notebook

I do remember I posted a preview video from A Young Doctor's Notebook on our Facebook page. DR.co.uk has now uploaded a video from the first trailer which aired on Sky and can be seen below. If Sky will release a HD video, (maybe they will, maybe not) I post it here.

10th November 2012. A video, released by Sky Arts below. (or here)

A Young Doctor's Notebook starts Thursday 6th December on Sky Arts 1 HD


  1. I dont have Sky. So is there a website where we can watch live on the internet ?

  2. no that's not possible for as far as I know. The series will be distributed by BBC worldwide, and people from the U.K. can buy the DVD at the end of December

  3. I have speak with Sky and ask them: When they release more new stills with Radcliffe?
    They answer me: "We're releasing the stills and clips with Radcliffe and Hamm from the first episode very soon"


  4. Weet je toevallig op welk net dat in Nederland is?

  5. Ik heb helaas geen info over het feit of het hier in NL uberhaubt wordt uigezonden. BBC Worldwide is de distributeur voor AYDN, ik denk waarschijnlijk dus dat we alleen de DVD zullen krijgen, maar als ik meer info heb hoor je het op de site.

    En als je Sky Arts zelf bedoelt,zit waarschijnlijk bij de digitale tv.. weet ik niet zeker.


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