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Three things that scare Daniel Radcliffe

Maxim magazine had the chance to sit down with Daniel and to ask him a couple of things including what scares him.

The Woman Behind the Woman in Black
I was very lucky in this film because on Potter I would generally have been working with digital effects instead of having somebody there to act with. I would generally have a ball on a stick or something. Not an actor. Whereas on this film, Liz White, who played the woman in black, was there on set in costume and make-up most days, so it was great. It certainly makes it a lot easier when you’re working with an actor who’s actually there to scare you and terrify you and play a scene with.

Jason and the Argonauts
The first movie I remember being terrified by was Jason and the Argonauts, which is one of my favorite films ever anyway. But there is one sequence in it where these skeletons come to life and come out of the ground and start to battle with Jason and the Argonauts and it’s terrifying. And it still is. It’s the old Harryhausen stop motion effects and it’s brilliantly done, brilliantly animated.


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