The Advocate magazine interview (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


The Advocate magazine interview (US)

Interview by The Advocate magazine in which Daniel talks about his return to the supernatural genre in The Woman in Black (DVD and Blu-ray release), what drew him to play Allen Ginsberg (Kill Your Darlings), and why he’s committed to The Trevor Project.

The Advocate: The Woman in Blackis the first film you made since the Potter franchise ended. Did you have any hesitation about making another movie within the horror-fantasy genre? 
Daniel Radcliffe: I said to myself, if I rule out any script that had remotely any fantasy element, I’d be cutting myself off from a huge amount of amazing work. If you’re talking about films made years ago, it would exclude me from films like The Shining or A Matter of Life and Death or who knows what else. There are so many films that could be deemed as having heightened paranormal elements to them, which could just be magical realism or a ghost story, which isn’t really the same feeling as Potter. I decided not to let that impinge on my decision-making.


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