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Daniel Radcliffe will answer fan questions about The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black Facebook page has updated with a message to all fans who would like Daniel to answer their questions about working on The Woman in Black (It's part of the promotion for the upcoming The Woman in Black DVD & Blu-ray release). Read more about a chance to let that happen below.

The message:

Daniel fans! Want to have Daniel answer your questions? Between now and April 24th, use your webcam, smartphone, bloggie or camcorder to tape yourself asking Daniel your most pressing questions about his experience working on The Woman in Black. Post to our Facebook video section and we’ll select some of our favorite questions to show to Daniel. Check back with us May 14th to see if Daniel answered your question!

Good luck to all of you who enter. One day later, 15th May, you can get the Digital Download. More about the the release dates of the DVD/Blu-ray.

Photo: YouTube/WIB


  1. Have you seen the movie, and if so were you a little scared, i went and saw it and it scared me to death :D :D love you dan :)

  2. Hi Lauren! thanks for the comment, but to join you should tape yourself and post the video to the video section of TWIB's Facebook page. (see above) Good luck!


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