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Happy New Year: A look back at 2011

Good.. this will be my last post from this year, and well I would like to wish you all the best for 2012. This has been a great year for Dan websites, with exciting news to come for the next. Dan had some great award shows this year (Drama Desk, Broadway.com awards + Star of the Year, Drama League awards, Tony Awards, Webby Awards etc.. Harry Potter sadly had to end (I cried in the cinema, like many others of you I think, but we will never forget it! it's where everything started for me..) and he will be finishing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying tomorrow (1st January 2012) and will be promoting The Woman in Black and focus on some other productions (and he wanted to come back to theatre soon like he stated in interviews)

I would like to thank all our visitors to visit the website, and I ofcourse hope to welcome you all next year! Without your support, we keep on going! Then also a huge thanks to all the partners and affiliates for supporting Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (I have also e-mailed all of you, but if you haven't got it, then you aren's added to my e-mail list, please provide me your e-mail address then, via this page, or comment below, thanks)

Then.. it is also my birthday today (I'm 24 now!) and well it would be such a great present to end this year with more then 3.000 followers on Twitter. It'sawesome that I'm so close..so please click the link below and follow? (and do spread the word ) & while you are at it, our Facebook page is new.

Up to a new great year!


  1. Happy New Year to all of you at DJR HOLLAND!!and a very happy birthday to you Marion :)

  2. thank you! Working on new stuff regarding the site this new year :) and well I had an awesome birthday ;)

  3. Happy New Year to all of you and congrats on your birthday, Marion (mine was a day before. zijn we samen steenbokjes!!)

    Keep up the good work and thank you for that.

  4. Thanks Yvonne!
    Leuk dat we bijna op dezelfde dag jarig zijn! alsnog gefeliciteerd! ;)

  5. Happy new year to you, Marion, and to all the visitors of the site! I'm glad your site is still going strong, and I hope it will for many years to come. I missed your birthday, but well, happy belated birthday! :p

  6. Thank you Emma! Well yeah I also had my ups and down regarding the ste, but it's still here! :) And I had a great birthday, thanks!


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