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Lorenzo Pisoni about Dan and Equus

Lorenzo Pisoni got interviewed quite recently about Daniel and Equus, but also talked about Humor Abuse, his new autobiographical solo show. Here some quotes.

TM: Is this show more physically demanding than playing Nugget in EquusLP: Because it's more free-form -- and I've been doing circus bits since I was two -- it doesn't seem as taxing on the body to me as Equus, which was the most physical thing I've ever done. Because the choreography was the way it was on the raked stage, the toll on all of our bodies was more traumatic. Those horse heads were nine pounds each, and we were pitched forward in high heels -- except there was no heel. And then to have to carry Dan, even though he's not the heaviest guy in the world, was intense to do for five months.

TM: Dan put you in the news during the show's run when he said that if he were gay or female, he'd marry you. Do you feel the same way about him?LP: Ha! If he were wearing platform shoes -- then yes, I would totally love and marry him. But he'd have to wear platform shoes. All the time.

source: theatermania.com

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