The Hollywood Reporter's Tonys roundtable - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


The Hollywood Reporter's Tonys roundtable

Tony nominees Rachel McAdams, Kelli O’Hara, Leslie Odom Jr., Sarah Paulson, Daniel and Eddie Redmayne sat down with The Hollywood Reporter. You can lisen to the entire conversation below.

How to Succeed was your first musical on Broadway. Merrily is your second. What was your experience with singing and dancing before these shows?

I took singing lessons for the first time when I was on Equus because in the first scene of Equus, I sing advertising jingles, and I couldn’t do the tune of any of them. My singing teacher was like, “Everybody in the audience is over a certain age, and they know what these should sound like, so you really should hit these notes.” So I started working with him for that. How to Succeed and Merrily have been two of the best experiences of my life — but one every 10 years is a good rate for me because it’s hard!

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