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Daniel Radcliffe in Mulligan: Part 2

Netflix has announced the next season of new adult animated series Mulligan, which is called Mulligan: Part 2. Daniel is part of the recurring guest stars and returns as Jeremy Fitzhogg, "a feckless party boy who King Ralph-ed into the monarchy".

The series of 10 episodes premieres on Netflix on Friday 24th May. A clip has been released which also features Daniel. There are also some photos.

The synopsis:
Allegiances are tested when the grim realities of life on an empty, alien-ravaged planet start to sink in for President Mulligan and his rag-tag band of survivors. (No plumbing! No food! Movies are just plays now!) In order to rebuild society they'll have to overcome feral cub scouts, a cruise ship with a deadly secret, and each other.

Photo: YouTube/Netflix

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