Happy New Year, 2023 - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Happy New Year, 2023

You can view a top 5 list of Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's most viewed posts from 2022 on Facebook. It has been a year with interesting projects for Daniel. The biggest ones were The Lost City and WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story (Let's hope it will release internationally soon. When I know more I let you all know). But there was also the podcast Letters from Camp.

What we have to look forward to in January 2023 is the new (and last) series of Miracle Workers, Miracle Workers: End Times. For now I wish Daniel a great run with Merrily We Roll Along (until 21st January 2023 in New York but will transfer to Broadway in 2023).

Happy New Year from danieljradcliffe.nl!
Thanks for visiting and hope to see you back soon.

Oh and there is this Instagram post by Jon Bass, it features another photo from this Miracle Workers series 4 portrait session.

Photos: Giphy

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