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Daniel Radcliffe's next guest role: Rick and Morty

It wasn't known until today: Daniel has a guest role on the 6th season of Rick and Morty which is called Wormageddon (he mentioned before that he loves to watch the show, looks like this might have started because of the open invitation during the WarnerMedia Upfront in 2019).

Daniel did lend his voice for one of the main knights in episode 9 and is titled A Rick in Mortur's Court. The episode's title is a reference to the film A Kid in King Arthur's Court and it aired yesterday on Adult Swim (US). It also featured plenty of Game of Thrones references. If you didn't catch it, it's also available on HBO Max (NL/US), and on Channel 4 or Sky (UK).

More about the episode (source: comicbook.com):
Morty gets wrapped up into a whole kind of medieval adventure on the sun.

This soon turns out to be a whole ordeal in which Morty can't escape from unless he cuts off his privates to prove his loyalty to the knights of the sun. His refusal to do so, and participate in this wild new group he becomes a part of, sparks an entire war.
As for Daniel Radcliffe, he's actually voicing one of the main knights of the sun that we meet throughout the episode and gets to explain much of their lore. Not only that, but his big gag in the episode itself is that he's the one that gets to note how good heroin is for all of the knights when they get addicted to it later on.
A clip which has been released and features Daniel:

Photo: YouTube/Adult Swim

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