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Daniel Radcliffe's message to Caitlin

At age seven Caitlin was diagnosed with Juvenile Batten Disease: type CLN3 (in 2021). Symptoms are rapid vision, seizures, the onset of childhood dementia, loss of motor and language skills and eventually death. Horrible news. Her parents are trying to create a safe space for their daughter to have as her own as her condition deteriorates. A GoFundMe page has been set up: gofundme.com/SafeHaven4Caitlin.

She is a huge Harry Potter fan and wants to meet Daniel Radcliffe. They received a video message for her which you can see below. It's recorded during principal photography of the new series of Miracle Workers.
"I don't know you , this is me getting to know you, but I am incredibly proud of you. But more importantly than that I know I'd like to think that I know that Harry would also be incredibly proud of you as well"
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