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Glimpse, fully iPhone-shot thriller

Glimpse is a thriller directed by Theresa Rebeck and shot suring the coronavirus pandemic back in 2020. On one iPhone and a drone. All the scenes were shot in the actors’ own personal homes. Each actor was shipped a sterilized box of microphones and what they’d need for their scenes and once they finished filming, they had to send it back to be sanitized and sent to the next actor.

Why am I sharing this here? Well included in the cast is Erin Darke. Filming was done by the actors themselves, their family/friends. And in the case of Erin Daniel did (some of) the camera work.

The synopsis:

Three people are up for the same job. Their lives are turning inside out under the pressure. And someone is watching the whole thing. More than one person, in fact. And someone else is watching them watch. A sorrowful and comedic examination of our fall into the surveillance culture.

The film is now playing in the US. Also on VoD. iTunes, Amazon Prime Video.

source: songwriter Jamie Floyd
Photo: Gravitas Ventures

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