Updated(2): L'Optimum magazine outtakes (Thailand) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): L'Optimum magazine outtakes (Thailand)

Photographer Eric Silverberg shared the following outtakes today on his Instagram Story, from the shoot for Thailand's L'Optimum magazine (2015).

He also has been sharing other outtakes which I have added to this site's Facebook page as a Facebook Story, so make sure you 'like' the page so don't miss anything.

If more appear I'll add them.

Update: 21st December 2020. Another one.
25th December 2020. Another one.

(I have blurred the two accounts who are written on the photo. I assume he added them because he think's it's Daniel's official account. It's not. Daniel has no social media)

Photos: Instagram/Eric Silverberg

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