Updated: Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (30!) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (30!)

It's Tuesday 23rd July today and that means it's Daniel's birthday, so Happy Birthday Daniel! He reached 'the big' 30. I hope he has a wonderful day.

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Update: 24 juli 2019. 🇳🇱 Shownieuws clip van de uitzending van gisteren.

Here's a throwback to 2004, An excerpt from an interview with The Sun:
Do you have any plans for your birthday?
I’ll most likely be filming but what normally happens is you get a cake from everyone on set and the great thing about filming when you have your birthday is that there are so many people there and you get loads of presents. You just have a little party on set.

Luckily all the people on set are really cool so I’ll have a good time. There’s one guy Will, my dresser, who’s become like my best friend.
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  1. Many more happy returns of the day sir.I WISH A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  2. Happiest birthday wishes dear Sir Daniel, i am really lost in words as how to wish you , as youvey turned 30. Most happy for you, you've been the most important part of my childhood and other's too. Wishes and love always from the deepeestcore of my heart. Forever


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