8 Days magazine interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


8 Days magazine interview

Singapore's 8 Days magazine had an interview with Daniel by phone in promotion of Miracle Workers while he was in Los Angeles. Below you find a new promotional photo. Their article also featured two new stills which I have added to this post.

For all of you in Singapore: Miracle Workers airs every Wednesday at 10.05pm on Warner TV.

What drew you to Miracle Workers? Is it because it’s a comedy and you wanted to find something light after working on a series of dark movies such as Horns, Victor Frankenstein and Imperium?
The thing that I love about Miracle Workers is that it has a lightness to it; the comedy is very sweet a lot of the time. But there is also a very dark side as well. [In order to get two strangers to fall in love and save the planet] we end up doing some very terrible things, accidentally causing a lot of calamities around the world. 

Read more at 8days.sg

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