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Daniel Radcliffe goes to heaven in Miracle Workers

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) journalists met Daniel in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival (The Salesforce Music Lodge according to the photo) on Saturday 26th January. You can read the interview, in promotion of Miracle Workers, below. He mentions that he will start filming Escape from Pretoria in a couple of weeks. Read the full interview at goldenglobes.com.

Miracle Workers sounds like a fascinating concept, given the current political and social flux, and all these religious controversies, isn't it?
Well, for a show set in heaven, it’s a comedy and it’s not that much about religion. The show is much more secular than Rich's book was. But yes, I think one reason that I love the show is that it has a very dark comedy in it – people die because we are in heaven – so those are the things we are dealing with. But there’s also a real warmth and kindness in this comedy, it’s not mean-spirited and I think it has a huge amount of love and optimism for human beings, as crazy as the world is right now.

And redemption, trying to do good things too?
I think one of the overarching things about the series is God rediscovering his love of Earth and what he created. At the beginning of the season, he is kind of disillusioned by it and by how badly it’s all going, and his journey is to learn what actually you have created, although it is mad and messy, is also beautiful and sort of genius.

Photo: goldenglobes.com

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