Rex Dasher character photo - Playmobil: The Movie - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Rex Dasher character photo - Playmobil: The Movie

ON Entertainment has released a first look at the characters from their upcoming film Playmobil: The Movie (click here for the news from last week ICYMI). The photo below features Charlie, Dell, Robotitron, Marla and Daniel's character secret agent Rex Dasher.

Synopsis via UK distributor StudioCanal:

When her younger brother Charlie (Bateman) unexpectedly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL®, unprepared Marla (Taylor Joy) must go on a quest of a lifetime to bring him home.

As she sets off on a fantastic journey across stunning new worlds, Marla teams up with some unlikely and heroic new friends – the smooth-talking food truck driver Del (Jim Gaffigan), the dashing and charismatic secret agent Rex Dasher (Radcliffe), a wholehearted misfit robot, an extravagant fairy-godmother (Trainor) and many more.

Through their vibrant adventure, Marla and Charlie realize that no matter how life plays out, you can achieve anything when you believe in yourself.

source/photo: ON Animation Studios

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