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The New York Times: The Lifespan of a Fact

The New York Times just published a new article regarding The Lifespan of a Fact. It features the first rehearsal photos (well ok there was one published earlier, which I shared on Facebook, but it was removed about a day later) plus photos from a shoot for The New York Times.

They sat down with the cast as they met Mr. D’Agata and Mr. Fingal for the first time.
Mr. Radcliffe, in a black T-shirt and Vans, has been on Broadway twice since his Harry Potter days. He recalled “going from being a person that the papers don’t care about to being a person that the papers do care about” and realizing, “ ‘Oh, you do just make stuff up.’”

He stopped: “You guys don’t. But there are papers in England …”

The three had some fun with the meta-nature of our talk. At one point, as they collectively struggled to remember the name of a book, Mr. Cannavale suggested: “Make it seem like we knew it.” Mr. Radcliffe added: “We’ll just tell the fact-checker that’s how it happened.”
Performances begin tonight (first preview) at Broadway's Studio 54. Break a leg!



picture source: Jesse Dittmar

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