Updated(2): Beast of Burden competition: The Skype interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Beast of Burden competition: The Skype interview

The three winners of the Russian Beast of Burden (Опасное задание) competition had the Skype interview session with Daniel today. For now there is only a short clip online.

Cinemaus Studio and Kinologistika have announced that they will share a video soon, but without sound since the conversation was personal. I'll add the video here when it's online.
"I can never believe that there would be people dedicated enough to be fans of me".
In the clip below he mentions that he is scruffy for a job (I assume for Miracle Workers re-shoots. I believe I did read that somewhere)

Update: 15th August 2018. One more clip below. Two more here. Plus I have added the video which has no sound (but it does have music).
Update: 19th October 2019. A longer interview video.

Talking about the Russian community website vk.com/daniel_radcliffe.
A clip in which they talk about dogs

Beast of Burden is out in Russia on 16th August 2018.

Photo: Instagram/evgeniasergeeva96

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