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Daniel Radcliffe at The Public Theater

Flashback Saturday! I wanted to create a post for this: Daniel meeting fans at The Public theater after performing in the Off-Broadway play Privacy back in 2016. It's mainly because of the following photo of him with American mentalist The Amazing Kreskin. Oh and there's also this one: Daniel and DJ, host, performer Stormageddon and this one: Junebug: A Guide Dog's Adventures.

More photos and a video which were already shared via Facebook and which you could have missed:
Birthday message to Fun Home The Musical's Sydney Lucas
Mark Subias, United Talent Agency.
Daniel and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Shout out to Jagged Row
SiriusXM's radio talk show host Randi Zuckerberg

For more and creative selfies (I also love this one) visit Daniel J Radcliffe Holland's Facebook page and search for "Privacy".

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