Indulge magazine interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Indulge magazine interview

Daniel talked with The New Indian Express' Indulge magazine in promotion of Swiss Army Man. The film premieres on Star Movies Select HD on 12th August.

Where did it all begin with you? Before it all hit — Harry Potter, the movies, plays, etc.?
Ha ha! A lot of people ask me that. I grew up in Fulham, South West London, I had a very happy childhood, I wasn’t particularly good at school, and I was very talkative.

That’s what all the reports said — “We like Dan, he talks too much and his reports are rubbish.” And I was never in a school play. I recently read on my own IMDB page that I wanted to be an actor since the age of five, which I don’t recall being true. I was five! My opinion about what I wanted to do when I was at that age changed hourly, so it was never something I was driven towards.


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