Yahoo! Movies UK interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Yahoo! Movies UK interview

Interview by Yahoo! Movies UK in promotion of Swiss Army Man.

Farting, boners, naked bums – this role seems like one many other actors may have avoided?
Maybe. I think they would be crazy if they avoided it, just because to me when I first read the script I was like ‘this is brilliant’. I think everyone hears about the film and hears bits about it and then thinks it must have been quite a hard sell to get me to do it but it really wasn’t.

I read the script and, yes it was a crazy idea, but I’ve read crazy ideas before that were just s***. And this was a crazy idea that had been executed brilliantly and it was so funny, and it was moving. What I didn’t count on being there was the epic feel that some of those scenes have, against all the odds.

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