Updated: Icon El País magazine photoshoot (Spain) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Icon El País magazine photoshoot (Spain)

Daniel Radcliffe is on the cover of Icon El País magazine's October 2015 issue (Spain). Ofcourse the magazine also features an interview, everything in promotion of Victor Frankenstein. A behind the scenes photo was already shared on Facebook.

27th October 2015. The interview is online. A translation is below.
Update: 23rd December 2015. The photos are also featured in the winter 2015 issue of L'Officiel Hommes Germany.
Update: 20th January 2017. Another photo.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Do not you think that the umpteenth adaptation of Frankenstein was the most boring choice I could make?

The script was crazy, so different from everything that was worth. What the screenwriter, Max [Landis], has done is take elements from the book, from the films about the book and then from the comedies about the movies, and he has created a world in which everything that can coexist with the meaning. It is a very new version that at the same time serves as a love letter to previous versions.

Immediately ran through Hollywood the story that he had combed his hair.
Now! I did not have time to grow my hair naturally for the outbreak, so they hit me. Fourteen hours to put it on and five to take it off at the end of the shoot. But it turns out that it made my life easier. I could go outside and, as soon as I covered myself, nobody recognized me.

Do not you notice that the fans are leaving him alone?
On the contrary, in any case, the situation has intensified since Potter ended. Then I was eleven months a year shooting. Now I travel and I am exposed to many more people. It is moving that emotion is still present and, in general, people are charming. Sometimes you become rude, but that is the game. In England I find it more familiar and many of them release me directly: "You do not deserve any of this!", Which is a very English way of seeing fame. And then there are the drunks. Oh, the drunks. A group of Americans who throw farts asks for a picture and that's it. There is no malice A group of Englishmen, on the contrary, try to fight with me because it is funny.

The New York Times said that it acted like a monarch, because not only has it assumed its responsibility towards the public, but it is obsessed with it: it sees it as a public service that it must perform in the most professional way possible.

I only feel responsibility towards the fans when I have them in front of me. I do not do things thinking about them. I have met many famous people of all fur to see well that people look for models of behavior among them. If you have a child, your role model is you. I am sorry. If that child has to admire someone who lives thousands of miles away and does not even know it, it's something he's doing very badly. I tell you this because I smoke and you are responsible for your child. And many people tell me: "Uncle, cut yourself." And not. My only responsibility to my audience is to work with the greatest possible integrity.

Right after finishing with Harry Potter, actor Cuba Gooding Jr. told him on a television show that he no longer had to work the rest of his life. And it bothered him.
I have worked every day of my fucking life and I do not know how to do anything else. And I love it. I will not say that my life would not make sense, but it would drive me crazy. It's just a guess, but I think a person who can be completely satisfied without doing anything for the rest of their life should be pretty boring.

And being the opposite is not being obsessive?

Yes, I'm obsessed. I become obsessed with my work when I become obsessed with the people I love. Not possessively, but I worry that everything goes well. I also obsess about TV series and sports.

You know?
My future self, who will be the one to transcribe this interview with the helmets at full volume, will hate this moment.

It is true. [He goes to the recorder] Sorry, journalist of the future! I wish I could have put a warning. Now I'm lost. What were we talking about?

How obsessive you are.

Oh, yes. Hey, do not make me look crazy! I'm not in my head Last year I gave myself two weeks of vacation, the first of my life. I went with my girlfriend to the Caribbean and I was on the beach, I dived, I hung on the zip line and still had all night to watch movies and smoke. I had never had anything like this before. That, from time to time, is not bad.

Victor Frankeinstein also has this literary component.
It's not something I look for.
But yes, my father was a literary agent and my mother read all the time. Something was going to hit me, naturally. In the case of Victor Frankenstein, I liked the idea of ​​turning a literary classic around.

Do you consider yourself an intellectual?[Laughs] Heavens, no! Do not even think about putting that on. I left school!

But when he turned 21, he gave himself a trip to Smolensk, the town in which Mikhail Bulgákov practiced medicine, to later tell it in A Young Doctor's Notebook.
That's it.

Do you know what 21 years olds do not read Bulgakov?.
It's just that I've been lucky.
From the age of 16 I had, on the set of Potter, a teacher who stimulated me a lot during the following four years. I saw him once or twice a week. We read books and plays and discussed them without the pressure of having to go through an exam. That was one of the privileges of making Potter.

Do your concerns come from those around you?

Let's see, I think I'm smart; I'm not a fool But I grew up and I still maintain contact with a group of people much smarter than me. My best friend [one of Harry Potter's wardrobe makers, 40 years old, father of three daughters] is a genius. I compare myself to them and I already tell them that I am not an intellectual.

Your characters have one thing in common: everyone longs for a specific thing so much that the longing becomes their identity. They already crave morphine, a girl they love, a boy they want sexually, a promotion ...

I like characters that have a romantic touch. It is not romantic in the sexual sense, but in the way they look at the world. That idea that happiness is something that is there, that can be achieved. And they are obsessed, but they also have a certain purity. They are pure of heart, and that is something commendable.

Are you attracted to the idea that happiness is achieved?

Yes. If it reflects something of my life, it comes from my love for the film industry. They put me in this world when I was 11 years old and there is no other place I prefer to be than a set of films. My worst day on a set is much happier than my best day out of it. Being in the center of that creative atmosphere ... it's so ... exciting. The cinema is something purely good. It can change the lives of people. You can change the laws. What a beautiful thing. And if you're not changing lives, at least you're giving someone a place to escape for two hours, which is equally important.

source: icon.elpais.com
picture source: Michael Schwartz

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