Updated: Official London Theatre's interview with Daniel Radcliffe - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated: Official London Theatre's interview with Daniel Radcliffe

Official London Theatre had the chance to interview Daniel today. First off they asked for questions to ask him this morning via Twitter. Now that the interview is over they have updated their Twitter account with a picture and posted Dan's answers to some of the questions, which I have captured for you all, so you can find it below.

Their full interview will be posted in June, when it's online I will add it here.
Update: 18th June 2013: Full interview is online.

 Here are the answers @MichaelGrandage's #CrippleOfInishmaan star #DanielRadcliffe gave to some of your questions...

From @PaulineM_: After How To Succeed Daniel will sing again, on Duckworth Lewis Method album. Was it a good experience he'd like to renew?
- "I’d love to sing again. I definitely hope that musical theatre is something I’ll be doing for a long time."

From @Sbluepop: Has he any plans to move to USA!? Or will he always stay in UK?
- I’m fairly split. This year I’ll mostly be in London. But I love New York and I miss it when I’m not there.

From @PerditaSuspiria: What one role he would still like to do?
- "Maybe when everyone’s forgotten how good Mark Rylance was I’ll have a go at Rooster in Jerusalem...That’s the most electrifying part I’ve ever seen played on stage."

From @_titch: What has been the hardest scene to film in his newer movies? ie Kill Your Darlings, Horns or The F Word?
- "In Horns I had to drive a car with a snake around my neck. I don’t drive & the snake was latching on to everything." 

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