Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe's photoshoot and interview for Out magazine (US) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Updated(2): Daniel Radcliffe's photoshoot and interview for Out magazine (US)

I posted before that Daniel had done a photoshoot for Out magazine, some pictures from the shoot and the interview where he talks about Kill Your Darlings, Equus, Horns and more have been released online. Here a bts photo posted by Dan Gregory which I have shared on Facebook. View the cover, this issue is out on newsstands 25th February.
Horns: “After we wrapped the film, we spent about 45 minutes by the camera truck -- me, our script supervisor, and some of the camera guys and some of the grips, just standing around talking about how much we had loved working with this director.” He pauses for breath, before concluding, “Now that doesn’t happen very often.”
Update: 8th March 2013. Out magazine posted a behind the scenes video at their Facebook page, which you can also check below + another one.
Update: 22nd June 2015. A few more outtakes.
 video 1 | video 2

pictures source: Kai Z Feng
view the full interview at out.com


  1. Omg! Dit is een GEWELDIGE photoshoot! Wordt dit tijdschrift ook verkocht in Nederland?

  2. @anonymous nee, niet dat ik weet. Ik heb hem hier nog nooit gezien helaas...

  3. Fucking sexy, I love this guy...


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