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Universal Pictures International acquired distribution rights to Horns

It was already reported November last year, but I realised I did not make a post of it: Universal Pictures International (UPI) has secured rights from Red Granite Pictures to Horns in select territories. Universal will release Horns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Scandinavia.
There is no information on the release date(s).

source: screendaily.com


  1. Horns will it release in france ?

  2. @anonymous Not that I know of, this is the only news that has been released for now.

  3. And here in Italy? I'm so curious to see this film!

  4. @Anonymous nope. I also don't have any info regarding Italy at this point, when I do know more I will post it ;)

  5. There's an address to write at, for asking to see Horns and The F Word in Italy too? I mean: if someone in "cinema industry" knew that here in Italy there's interest about those films, perhaps they release them here in Italy too. Thanks!

  6. well you could contact Red Granite Pictures (Horns) and Fastnet Films (The F Word)and ask if they are getting close to a deal regarding a release in France.


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