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Daniel Radcliffe's favorite Harry Potter Film is..

Moviefone asked Daniel the following question recently: "Let's say I'm going to the moon and I only have room in my suitcase for one 'Harry Potter' movie. Which one should I take?"

The answer:
"Of the Potter films? Seven, Part 2. The last one. It's the best film, I think. Well, no, it's the best combination of acting, directing, writing, effects ... everything. I think the finest example of those in a Potter film is the last one, where they all came together. Because, you know, I think some of the coolest directorial stuff was on number three [the Alfonso Cuaron-directed 'The Prisoner of Azkaban'], but we weren't as good then. So I wouldn't like you to take that one. Whereas there's some amazing stuff that [director] David [Yates] did in the last film and now we're slightly, you know, more up to scratch. So that would be the one that I would tell you to take with you.

"But I would also say ... I would also say to take something else. I don't know, take 'A Matter of Life and Death.' That's my favorite film, for me."

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