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Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! 22!

Well the day has come again, Daniel Radcliffe has turned 22 today. So Happy Birthday Daniel! The staff from Daniel J Radcliffe Holland wishes him all the best, and let's hope he has a great day. And wish you all the best for your career in the future and supporting you since the very first beginning. :)

Feel free to post some comments etc.. things you would like to let other fans know etc.. in honor of his birthday :) (or via twitter ofcourse, I already got a few)


  1. Happy Birthday Daniel! Hope you have a great day,and I hope you like the Birthday Card and drawing I did for you :) xx

  2. happy birthday Daniel.... you are a great actor no matter your height is....love you Dan

  3. Hey Daniel J Radcliffe Holland! I'm writting from Argentina and I wanted to congratulate you for your great work! I think it's one of the best web sites about Daniel(actually the best) so thank you for that! I'm a frequent visitor of the page, I like the pictures, ifo and videos that you publish. Well, that's all... Bye! And keep it up! (Sorry for my bad english)

  4. Daniel: You are beautiful, tlented, cute and hot! I admire you a lot, you're the King of my dreams... Your work has been fantastic, keep it up... I wonder see you in many films! Because you are my favourite actor... you are my boy! Well, Happy 22!! Have a nice birthday. I love you so much! I'll always love you...

  5. [@Camila]

    Hi Camila! thanks for your great comment! great to hear that you like the site so much I do my best on it ;) (and your english isn't bad)


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