DJR Holland is 5 years online! - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


DJR Holland is 5 years online!

Today, I can announce that this website is 5 years online, providing the latest news/exclusives to YOU the fans! :) Would love to hear from you all, what you would like to add to the site to improve it more! Since the start I have moved the site from a freewebs site to the paid domain I still have now, from the name Blue Eyed Innocence to Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

With this news, I ofcourse would like to thank everyone who has helped me through the years, and ofcourse the affiliates and partners for the support and you as a visitor! I know the site gets visitors from all over the World..with at the top USA and Holland.. Thanks! And well what's even nice to know is that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter also has it's 1st Anniversary today. Congratulations!

And then for the news of today. Another Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 TV spot, can be seen below. Thanks Warner Bros.


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