Sydney Becker meets Daniel during "How to Succeed" - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Sydney Becker meets Daniel during "How to Succeed"

Sydney got the chance to meet Daniel during How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying in New York. Below some more quotes from the article.
Sydney was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. She’s determined to kick this cancer, her courage shining in her daily posts on, a nonprofit organization that provides free websites to help family and friends share information and support.

Last night was a moment she’ll probably remember four-ever. After a full day of tests and meetings with doctors, she headed to the theater to see Daniel Radcliffe in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.” Sydney – and her mom – are huge fans of Radcliffe, the British actor of Harry Potter fame. “The play was AMAZING,” Sydney writes. With permission from Sydney, we’re sharing in her own words the fantastic adventure that happened after the show.

“When it ended, I made my way out to the side doors where all the actors come out to sign autographs,” she wrote late Thursday night. She was given a special backstage pass. “As soon as we walked in, we were practically on stage. Backstage, but on it. We were in and surrounded by all the props and the stage was in clear view. We could walk on, but we were waiting for Daniel. It was so cool …

"Finally, Daniel came out and he was very friendly. He was very short though. I was about his height … My mom went to shake his hand, but she was so excited she just hugged him instead. So, we all hugged him. He was very nice.

"He also signed my Playbill, even if he did spell my name wrong, he gave me a nickname … kind of. ‘To Sid, Love from Daniel Radcliffe.’ I would ask him to sign my head, but I thought that may be a little much. Next time. It was so much fun and totally made either my day or my life. I’m still deciding.”

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