NY Times article features new photo ("How to Succeed") - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


NY Times article features new photo ("How to Succeed")

A new New York Times article features a new photo of Daniel and is about him coming back to broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Here a quote:
“I wat to prove that a child actor can go on to have a career with longevity.”
“If I can actually do it,” Mr. Radcliffe said of his latest stage adventure, “having been in one of the biggest franchises ever, then that can end the debate. It is possible. That’s what’s my mission is.”
And when he was approached separately by the director and choreographer Rob Ashford, who said he wanted to make him a triple threat, Mr. Radcliffe recalled, “I was going: ‘O.K., yeah, I’ll do dance lessons, fine. But you are swimming against the tide here, Mr. Ashford.’ ”
It was also, as Mr. Radcliffe realized, a very strange project for him to take on. “I think to a lot of people it’s a slightly confusing choice,” he said, “but I like that.”
“When I’m 30-something and got kids or whatever, I probably will want to take it a bit slower,” he said. “But this is the part of my life where I have to be as busy as I can.”

picture source: by Mark Felton and Mark Veltman for the NY Times

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