On set photos of The Woman in Black - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


On set photos of The Woman in Black

Daniel was in Grassington filming The Woman in Black. Photo.
Cast and crew spent the week at The Grassington Lodge. Owner Diane Lowe said the group, including director James Watkins, took up nine rooms in the hotel for the week. “They were all very nice and were working very hard,” she said.
From Dean Michael Cook:
Daniel Radcliffe is once again back in the wonderful Yorkshire Dales, but instead of it being for Harry Potter, he is now filming scenes for his latest film, The Woman in Black (Produced by James Watkins).

The Woman in Black looks to be a great horror film, in which Daniel Radcliffe is cast as Arthur Kipps, a Lawyer, who is sent to a village on business, but starts to see the ghost of a Women dressed in black, and also has to deal with the local villagers who are hiding the identity of the Women.

I feel the film will compare slightly to the Wicker Man, in which the villagers keep the disappearance of tourists a secret from a local policeman.

The film is set in Victorian times, and looks to be a hit with fans of Daniel Radcliffe, and the Horror Drama Genre.
Photo: Dean Michael Cook

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