Stephen Fry wants Dan for QI & Deathly Hallows photo - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Stephen Fry wants Dan for QI & Deathly Hallows photo

Stephen Fry spoke with Radio Times about why he asked Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe to be a guest panelist for the Halloween special of QI, which will focus on "lots of Hobgoblins and Hogwarts-type things." + a new Deathly Hallows photo.
"He's a very bright chap and he has what it takes to be a guest on QI, which is to be curious. Because if you are curious, a) you will be interested by what's coming and you fire off it and b) in the rest of your life you will have garnered odd facts. Not in a sort of anal 'I collect trivia sort of way', but just because you are curious."
The H series of QI begins on September 17th on BBC One; Dan's Halloween episode will air on October 29, 2010.

picture source: Warner Bros.

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