Richard Griffiths about Equus/Dan + new photo - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Richard Griffiths about Equus/Dan + new photo

A new interview (article) with Richard Griffiths talking about Daniel. Here a quote
"As in London, Radcliffe will be packing in audiences pitched to see Harry Potter in a full-frontal nude scene. From all accounts, they will also see a serious stage talent. After the opening, co-star Richard Griffiths - the Tony Award-winning professor in "The History Boys" and Harry's Uncle Vernon Dursley - said Radcliffe has "an old head on his young shoulders. He has to be regarded in a new way because he is a proper actor."
A horse is more than a horse in Equus

See the photo here.
Photo: unknown (via


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture! I've never seen it before. Of course, if I put it on my Dan blog you'll have all credits to your wonderful site!

    thank you so so much! <3


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