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About DJR Holland

Here's more info about Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

The beginning
I did set up the website in June 2006, but I do support and follow Daniel's acting career since 2001. The first site name was Blue Eyed Innocence, sometime later it received a matching URL and a domain.

URL and name change

On 18th June 2007 there was a URL change: danieljradcliffe.tk and a new name: Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (below named DJR Holland). It also moved from a free to a paid domain and has grown a lot since then.

The Netherlands
This is the only website about Daniel Radcliffe from Holland a.k.a. The Netherlands and is online to provide fans worldwide the latest news about his career. I write news from Holland (and Belgium) in Dutch and everything else in English. I mainly focus on NL, UK and the US regarding (release) dates.

Paparazzi free
This website is paparazzi free. Always has been and always will be. This means that you don't see paparazzi/private photos or information about Daniel's personal life (this also includes paparazzi videos) here. DJR Holland respects his right to privacy, like everyone should.

1) Photos in relation to his work, for example Daniel signing autographs after a play, TV/Radio show etc.

2) Photos shared by official sources, for example the staff from Broadway/West End plays after Dan payed a visit to them. Why? I then assume that Daniel doesn't mind that they appear online because they come from an official source. There also used to be his own official Google+ page where he did share backstage photos.

Second URL change
Since 2nd June 2019 the website has a new URL: danieljradcliffe.nl.

Through the years the website layout changed as well. The most recent one is up since January 2021.

Short info
Owner: Marion Schür
From: Holland
My thoughts about Daniel: He is an amazing actor and I really do like the fact that he supports some great charities beside his acting as well. He is involved with some many great things and really is expanding his career very well after being known as Harry Potter.