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Bangkok Post interview

The newspaper Bangkok Post interviewed Daniel by phone in promotion of Guns Akimbo's release in cinemas in Thailand. This interview took place earlier this year while he was still in London performing in Endgame (so before the coronavirus pandemic).
“Oh, man, if you could have presented me with this when I was 20, as the 10 years that would follow Potter, and said, ‘This is what it will be like’, I would’ve bitten your head off. But I also would’ve been very happy and a lot less worried.”“I feel like I’ve been very lucky in that people have followed me from project to project. Obviously I had an amazing start with Potter, and then I’ve also had the luck of having a few directors take chances on me and let me do something wildly different in their films than I’ve done before. They’ve let me show the different sides of myself.“I’m very, very happy to be where I am,” he concluded. “Long may it continue.”
About Escape from Pretoria:
“I didn’t have an in-depth knowledge of apartheid, but I was familiar with it, the basic facts. But I was completely unfamiliar with Tim Jenkin and his story. When I read it I thought, ‘This just seems so remarkable’, and the fact that it was not more widely known seemed amazing and crazy to me. Sometimes you get a chance to be a part of telling a really incredible story, and that’s what this felt like.“Tim is an amazing human being. There were not many white ANC members. There were some, but by no means a large constituency. Tim says himself, he doesn’t know why he or any of the other white guys chose to join, what it was particularly that made them able to see the situation from the outside. They grew up in apartheid, so, as Tim said, they didn’t know apartheid existed — it just was a fact of life.“It takes someone with not just a remarkable brain, but also a very deep moral sense, to be able to see it for what it is, as a sort of tyranny you are the beneficiary of. That’s a remarkable characteristic in him and all the guys we feature in this film. It’s good to highlight people like that.”
He understands that in a challenging marketplace a hybrid theatrical/VOD release is a major win for a smaller-scale, commercially limited project such as Escape From Pretoria:
“I’m thrilled with that. I absolutely, totally get that directors want their films to be shown in cinemas. That’s where most of the current generation of directors grew up watching films, and so it is very natural for them to want that kind of release for their films too. I’m just very happy that people have a chance to see things.“And I think the most important thing, ultimately, is that this story is more widely known,” he said. “The fact that this movie will be in theatres and also going straight into people’s houses as well is … yeah, great for that.”
Guns Akimbo is even more insane than its trailer suggests:
“It is. The script was great, so much fun. I think it was page 10 where Miles gets guns bolted to his hands and then, by page 12, there’s a scene with him going to the toilet for the first time with guns for hands. It set up this premise and then it really dug into the mundane, dayto-day things of that premise.“What would it be like to get dressed with guns for hands?,” Radcliffe asked rhetorically. “What would it be like to try and get out of your apartment? It ticked all those boxes, and then it was irreverent and funny and has just crazy action, ridiculous stuff.“I’d never done a film like this before. I thought, ‘This is probably the most fun version of this film I will ever get a chance to do.’ So I jumped at it.”
He sounded excited about his immediate future, the long run and something — possibly — in between:
“I’ve been going quite steadily since the middle of last year, and we’ve got six weeks left of the show, so I’m basically reaching that point where I’m like, ‘Oh, I could not do any work for a few weeks and that would actually not be a bad thing, maybe. So I’m probably just going to chill out for a little bit before I decide what’s next.”“Long-term, at some point, I want to write and direct. In 10 years’ time, like that period of after Potter to now, if I have done a bit of both of those things, I’d be very happy with that. I don’t know when, but I’m giving myself that window.”
He also talked about the Moon Knight rumors:
“I keep hearing about it too. I know nothing about that. I’ve said that I know nothing, but people keep saying, ‘He’s playing Moon Knight.’ All these people saying this know way more than I do, because it was new to me.”
Is he interested in joining another mayor franchise?
“If it was the right one and if it was something I really liked, absolutely, I’d do it. I think it would probably have to cross an even higher threshold than other scripts. Just because it’s something that could last multiple years, if I’m going to say yes to something, you really want to know that you’re going to love it the whole way through.“But it’s not something, at the moment, that I’m having to think about in any real way.”

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