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Wired interview

Guns Akimbo is now available on Amazon Prime Video for Italy. Website Wired interviewed Daniel. Not much new but the topic Harry Potter is mentioned more than Guns Akimbo.

A excerpt:

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

It shouldn't be a new sensation: it's been Harry Potter for 10 years ...
I mean an action hero: for obvious reasons [you look at your abs, ed.] It's not that I am chosen for similar roles, but this time I could have been credible and, therefore, I threw myself headlong.
After all, we are in a movie and anything can happen, just don't take yourself too seriously.

What is the first rule of popularity?
If a young actor asks me for advice I feel uncomfortable, from experience I am the last to speak.
What am I supposed to answer? Find a nice franchise and you have turned" it doesn't seem the best, so I always repeat that the key to success lies in kindness.

He admits that he is looking for absurd roles to forget Harry...
No, it's not like that: I don't want people to forget that I was Harry Potter! For 10 years it has been part of my life and I love him immensely. I would never kill him to do anything else, but I would do it like the
the audience saw me in different roles and contexts.

At a certain point, didn't you have the impulse to escape to a deserted island? (on reading negative comments online)

No, I like my life like it, with its crazy and extraordinary moments, the package of fame includes both and I never thought about changing and things.

Would you like to take Harry's wand back?

Never say never.

source: wired.it

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