Kinopoisk (КиноПоиск) interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Kinopoisk (КиноПоиск) interview

Kinopoisk (КиноПоиск) interview with Daniel in promotion of Guns Akimbo (Пушки Акимбо). In Russia the film will be exclusively available for viewing on KinoPoisk HD.

There is not much new in this interview. They asked him about video games a
nd also mentioned Harry Potter.

He told them he tried to stay in shape for Guns Akimbo
He began to train thoroughly two weeks before the start of filming. For more visit

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland (excerpt):

Can you say that this film is another antidote to the image of Harry Potter?
No! Everyone is always trying to suggest that this or that film of mine is my commentary on past films. But this is not so. I don’t want people to forget that I was Harry Potter. I played this role for 10 years, I like it, and I'm glad that people watched this film. But one film does not exclude another.

Another question:

There is often a debate about how violence in video games and cinema affects reality.
Do you feel moral responsibility for what happens in the films you play?
I do not think that people should borrow moral principles from films, and films should be taught what values ​​to be guided by. As for the Cannons, the cruelty here is deliberately hyperbolic and caricatured, and Miles’s life does not get better because of the cruelty. On the contrary, it turns into hell. So I don’t think that someone will watch the film and say: “Oh, I want the same!”

But to be completely frank, I doubt that art is so omnipotent as to influence society as much as society affects art. I came across a terrific quote from the fourteenth century, which says that people spend too much time reading and books will lead to death. Some monk seems to have said that. What am I doing? People have always been overcome by anxiety and the feeling that humanity is on the path to self-destruction. Perhaps there is some truth in this, because we do not know what the Internet will lead to in the long term, it has appeared in our life relatively recently. But I believe that he does not change us as much as we think. Human nature remains the same, but whether it is good or bad is a separate conversation. For example, I don’t have Twitch (a service for online broadcasts of users passing video games), And I don’t understand why someone likes to watch others play video games. I just don’t get it. But at the same time, I don’t want to turn into an old man who says: “Oh, these children! Here I am in their time ... "


picture source: Cascade Film

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