Cosmopolitan magazine interview (DE) - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Cosmopolitan magazine interview (DE)

The new German Cosmopolitan magazine (July issue) features an interview with Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. The magazine is out now. Below a few quotes from the press release.

Miracle Workers premiered on 14th May in Germany, but there will be a marathon on 23rd June 2019, 17:15, TNT Comedy.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

In his new spicy comedy series Miracle Workers (from 23.06.) The 29-year-old plays an angel who hears people's prayers while God dedicates himself to beer consumption:

"I'm so proud of this series and I'm glad
that I did not mess it up, although my grandmother said that me a an angel was an absolute miscast. "Of course, the grandmother was just kidding. When asked if he is more of a villain than an angel, he is certain, "No, more angels, except at the ages of 18 to 22. Since then, I have worried many people around me, especially my parents." I have never been mean, but I have drunk badly and have not touched alcohol for six years. "Daniel Radcliffe tends to extremes:" I do not know the middle ground, since I no longer drink excessive sports. "

During his alcohol addiction, worried colleagues could not help him at first:

"At that time no one really came to me, and colleagues like John Larroquette and Gary Oldman, who had a connection with me, spoke intensely to me, but those words months, even years later 'It did not work, so I remembered it again, and then my eyes opened.' But his family was there for him as well: 'My parents have been holding my hands all the time, and although I really did hurt them, they were my guardian angels. "

As a guardian angel, he now tries to be there for his friends and especially for his girlfriend Erin Darke. Despite his long-distance relationship, he sees no problem in the distance to his waiting lady:

"Not really, Erin lives in New York, I live in London, but we always see each other, but it will be a problem if we both are working. I was in Australia not that long ago and we had not seen each other for five weeks, that's too long, and then I realize how I'm wrong ... "To fall in love, the actor finds it very simple:" To maintain the love that's the challenge. In some way we all assume that love is something that renews itself, but that's not true, you have to work on it, it's often not easy, but it's the one thing that's most worthwhile. "

But not only the long separations of his girlfriend makes Daniel Radcliffe nervous:

"The first day on set and looking at something I play in. I keep pushing that forward for months, because I want everything I do to be good, but being nervous is a good thing because you notice that something is important to you."

What's not important to him is:

"Social media, I do not have the mental power to do that, and if I see something that makes me upset I would directly respond to the sender, even at four in the morning. "

The full interview is published in the magazine. More info:

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