El Periódico interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


El Periódico interview

Spanish paper El Periódico has published their interview with Daniel online in promotion of Miracle Workers. In Spain the series is available on TNT.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

How did you end up answering prayers in heaven as Craig in Miracle Workers?

The series is based on a book called What in God's Name [not published in Spain], which I read four or five years ago and I loved it. This Simon Rich novel made me cry. I had a meeting with him to tell him that this must be something, whatever it is, a series or a radio job, and if it ends up being something, whatever it is, I wanted to be involved. A year later, we were preparing the series.

Maybe thanks to the fact that you defended it?

I am proud to have contributed to make this series come true. Simon has a very personal style as a writer. More people should follow him. His comedy is dark without being petty.

Miracle Workers could attract fans of The Good Place. Do you usually like comedies about heaven?
I still have not seen The Good Place, but I think that religion is, in general, a good theme for comedy; It gives rise to many interesting characters. In addition, the sky is still a very open idea, everyone observes it in a different way ... That gives a lot of freedom.

Would you say that religion is the main theme of the series?
Maybe even more, the world of work. The proposal that was presented was, in very simple terms, "a work comedy located in heaven". In which we would see heaven as a company, a company of which God would be the CEO. If we satirize something, it is not of religion, but of corporations.

For a decade, you seem quite interested in uncomfortable roles and crazy projects. Of course, Swiss Army Man, in which you played a flatulent corpse, could be the epitome of this delirium search.
It's true and I'm not sure why I do it. I just follow great ideas. For me it is a luxury to have the freedom to choose what I most want to do.

Still get many offers too predictable, that is, close to the saga Harry Potter?

Luckily, nobody has offered to make me a wizard again. If that day comes, my answer would be: "No!". You can do many different things to capture the imagination of people. I want to participate in the rarest and most ambitious stories.

His comic chemistry with Geraldine Viswanathan (angel Eliza) in Miracle Workers is unstoppable. Did it emerge quickly or how did it work?
It arose spontaneously, but not only between her and me, but between all the cast members. Then we found a natural flow, fun, something memo ... We were working two days with the cast and we thought: "This is chemistry".

What is it like to work with God? And when I say God, I mean, of course, Steve Buscemi.

He is one of those people who do not disappoint. Do you know when they say "better not to know your idols"? I am grateful to have crossed in my life with this one. He is an accomplished professional and, better yet, an adorable person.

I do not know if they are already thinking about a second season. Would it be feasible?

Yes and no. If it is done, it would no longer be in heaven. We would do something like American Horror Story, keeping the same actors, but changing the plot.

source: elperiodico.com

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