TV magazine - Le Figaro interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


TV magazine - Le Figaro interview

More Miracle Workers promotion from the French press: Interview by Le Figaro's TV magazine.  A second part of this interview conducted by journalist Nathalie Chuc is published by Ouest France (It doesn't feature any new quotes, so I didn't add the translation from that part).

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

After Harry Potter, your career choices have always been daring: independent, horrified or zany feature films ...
I'm lucky to be in a position that allows me to be selective. Most actors, when they receive a script that they do not really like, accept the role to make a living. I can let myself be guided by my own desires. I'm really lucky because I'm constantly being offered odd, cool and - in a word - interesting roles to play!

With Miracle Workers, do you plan to become a long-time series hero?
If we are lucky to have a season 2 or 3, I want to be! It would then be a series of anthologies, namely with the same actors, a priori, but very different stories. No heaven, no angels. For me, it would really be like playing three different movies and that's exactly one of the reasons I accepted that role. I wanted to play in an American series, it was the idea, but the standard contract in the United States requires a long-term commitment and I did not want to relive it. Miracle Workers really works on the ideal TV for me!

Your character presses buttons to answer prayers. Which one do you want to support?

I dream of a button "ejection seat" when I'm stuck in a boring or boring conversation! Something that would send me fifteen meters in the air to land further with a parachute: it would be really great. (laughs.)

Do you like to play a role without drama or magic?

(He bursts out laughing.) Yes! I was delighted to be on a shoot where I would not end up covered in blood or in danger of death or anything! In this series, my only mission was to be funny and stupid. The comedy is very beautiful, it changes me. It will be difficult for me to return to the dramatic scene after that ...


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