Le Parisien interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Le Parisien interview

Another French interview in promotion of Miracle Workers: Le Parisien.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.

Did you expect to play with Steve Buscemi in this series?
No ! I loved Simon Rich's book, so I committed myself long before I knew who else would play in it. Today I can not imagine anyone else in this role.

Who is Craig, your character?
It's an angel who works in the prayer department to which he tries to answer. He is terrified of failure so he takes no big risks. Then a new colleague  arrives who opens his eyes. He realizes he's not going to change the world if he's happy with that.

You present yourself as an atheist. What do you think of the poor image of God and the angels that is given in the series?

I am agnostic or atheist, I lean in any case on this side. The series corresponds to the world around us. If we showed a heaven that worked perfectly, we would wonder why the world is so chaotic. So we try to show a heaven consistent with the state of the world today.

Do you already think of a season 2 of Miracle Workers?
We do not have an official order yet, but I really hope it will happen. If it takes place, it will not be in heaven but in a different universe, with new characters and a whole new story, while keeping the same actors in different roles. A bit like the American Horror Story series.

You play an angel who can influence events on Earth, isn't it a bit like having magical powers?

I did not see it like that, but now that you say it, maybe it looks like it. But fortunately I do not have a magic wand in Miracle Workers, it would have been too weird.

Could you participate in a new project related to Harry Potter?
I can not say never, but it's not something I think about and by the way I do not think anyone thinks about it today. At this point in my career, no, I do not see myself coming back to that universe. Now, in twenty years, I do not know what I will think.

You seem to make very dark films in the cinema (The Woman in Black, Victor Frankenstein), but comedies on television (A Young Doctor's Notebook, Miracle Workers). It's a choice ?
In fact I love both. But the difference between film and series is not deliberate. I grew up watching mostly comedies. On a shoot it is a genre that is very pleasant. When you go to work, you know that you are going to have fun with your friends. It's quite relaxing not to be covered in blood at the end of the day.

What is your view of your career so far?
I'm pretty happy. I just finished a play in New York, I hope to go back on the stage again in the next years. I've been involved in some odd projects lately like a film shot in New Zealand and Germany titled Guns Akimbo that I wanted to do for a long time. It's an independent film, which is always difficult to achieve, so when it's done it's a small triumph. If my career continues like this, I will be satisfied.

Where do you live today?

I share myself between New York and London. I'm based in London but I try to spend as much time as possible in New York, because that's where my girlfriend lives and it's a city I love.

source: leparisien.fr

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