Le Journal du Dimanche interview - Daniel J Radcliffe Holland


Le Journal du Dimanche interview

French paper Le Journal du Dimanche interviewed Daniel in promotion of Miracle Workers. You can read an excerpt below. The first episode of Miracle Workers airs 30th March on Warner TV in France.

Translation by Daniel J Radcliffe Holland.
In this series, you are an actor and executive producer. What was your exact role?
Once the shoot started, I devoted myself to comedy. My involvement as an executive producer was mainly upstream. I started working on this series even before there even was a broadcaster. Being involved very early, I was able to participate in the definition of tone and format with Simon. I also talked about the choice of actors. It was the first time in my career that I participated in this process. It was both fun and interesting to be on this side of the camera.

Your character, an angel at the bottom of the ladder, is not elected to Harry Potter. That's what you liked?
Not specifically. It is first of all a character very sweet and very funny that I perfectly embodied. That's what won. I do not choose my roles by asking if they will make Harry Potter forget. I am being offered more different and distant projects from Potter. So, thinking about all this is no longer a priority when I choose a role.

Because of their length, series have a specific form of narration. With eight episodes, wasn't the Harry Potter saga also a big series?

But yes it's true! Harry Potter was like a very long series with an incredibly high budget. We have changed several times from director to film, almost changing director to each episode of a series. It was also a good training to be on the set every day, with extended hours like Miracle Workers had.

source: lejdd.fr

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